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Are you looking for an ideal music school for your child? One that will not kill your child’s passion for music? Looking for best location and best teachers? Look no further! You found the best school – Barwy Muzyki – a school where amazing instructors spread real love for music!


Barwy Muzyki is the only music school in Poland, where teaching is based on the Colourstrings method – a method well known in the United Kingdom and in Scandinavia. Individual approach to each child will result in unconventional tuition and lots of fun for your child! Please note, that we are not aiming to create virtuosos. We want our children to stay children! Playing an instrument is a big challenge for a small child. It is also a responsibility, but we turn this task into a very enjoyable activity.

We run individual and group music classes in various parts of Warsaw. We welcome children starting from age 1.


Our positive and creative teachers, inspired by the Colourstrings method, adapt our teaching program to the abilities of a child. Thanks to that approach each child enjoys instrument lessons. Once a month students meet at the complimentary workshops Muzyczna Pigula (Music Pill), to master music theory and play in ensamble.


We offer group music classes for children of different ages. We will play simple percussion instruments, sing, learn rhythm, listen to music, but above all, we will have lots of fun. Pierwsze Kroki (First Steps), Gramy Razem (Playing Together), Muzograjki or a singing group? Check what class is best for your child.


“Music is a journey to the magical world of music colours. A person who guides a child in this magical world is the teacher” – Geza Szilvay, creator od the Colourstrings method

When we register our child for music classes, we want to make sure our child is in good hands. We want our child to be surrounded by teachers who share their passion and are able to pass the knowledge. The Colourstrings method is centered around the child. Not around an instrument. Not around a teacher. Not even around a perfectly played piece. Your little musician is the center of our attention. Colourstrings is above all an individual approach to a child, following his or her abilities and using his or her interests.


Darmowe lekcje pokazowe w nowych lokalizacjach!

23 sierpnia ruszają zapisy na darmowe lekcje pokazowe zajęć muzycznych dla dzieci. Do wyboru mamy dwa rodzaje zajęć: Muzograjki dla rodziców i dzieci w wieku 1-3 lat oraz Pierwsze Kroki dla dzieci w wieku 3-6 lat. Muzograjki i Pierwsze Kroki to nowatorskie zajęcia...

Ruszają zapisy na muzyczne wakacje!

Barwy Muzyki zapraszają na niezwykłe, wakacyjne warsztaty wprowadzające dzieci w świat pięknej muzyki i sztuki. Warsztaty odbędą się w urokliwym miejscu, jakim jest Kredkafe. Do wyboru są dwa terminy. I turnus – 25-29 czerwca, II turnus 27-31 sierpnia. Warsztaty trwają od poniedziałku do piątku przez 4 godziny dziennie...