Colourstrings method

Colourstrings method

“Music is a journey to the magical world of music colours. A person who guides a child in this magical world is the teacher”
– Geza Szilvay, creator of the Colourstrings method


The Colourstrings method is above all an individual approach to each child, following child’s abilities and using child’s interests. Let us imagine a 7-year-old boy – a big fan of Star Wars, who is starting his piano lessons. When he enters his first lesson, he dreams about playing Imperial March. If we give him even the most simplified score of this piece – we would definitely enter the dark side as teachers. We do not want to do that. We need to explain that the beginnings are more about theory basic and simple pieces and at the same moment we introduce our method… We tell him, that as a piano-playing Jedi Knight, he needs to go through three levels of learning – three levels of difficulty. The first one is playing with a right hand – let’s call it a Luke Skywalker Level. After mastering the piece with a left hand, we move on to Obi-Wan Kenobi Level. The last difficulty is to play with both hands – this is when we reach Master Yoda Level.

Colourstrings is a set of creative methods engaging all senses. Through games, symbols, colours and pictures we describe even the most complex ideas. We also plan for the teaching to encompass the whole package of technical issues, inner ear development and understanding of theory, but most importantly – musical sensitivity. Colourstrings method is a combination of good fun, audiation, with learning of melody and rhythm. Colourstrings teachers from the beginning support children and their parents in creating good habits useful in the future.

Colourstrings schools invite children to perform at the concerts and offer children beautiful music for listening. Students are not examined, but they have many occasions to show off their talent at the school concerts or within small school ensembles. The Colourstrings method was created by a hungarian violonist and pedagogue dr Geza Szilvay. He based his method on Kodaly principles and he who still teaches with great success in Helsinki.

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