Dear Parents and Students! Welcome to Barwy Muzyki!

My name is Olga Trzebinska and since 2011 I run a music school, which binds my two passions – music and creative education. My adventure with music started at a state music school many years ago. Years of piano tuition come back to me as a time of tremendous stress, harshness of professors and lack of understanding of myself as a child. My teachers were very conservative. Scales and arpeggios were more important than other music pieces, which I preferred. The grading system undermine my self confidence. Exams at the end of each semester were very stressful. After a few years I begged my parents to sign me out. Since then I have not played piano for almost 20 years! Fortunately, I appreciated music while singing in choirs and playing in school ensembles. As an adult, I have heard similar stories from other people. Bad experiences at music schools resulted in loss of passion and moving away from music.

Due to my bad experiences, I decided against sending my own children to a state music school. I did not want to enroll them at any other music school with similar teaching approach. I have three lively, happy and sport-loving boys. I always wanted them to include music as part of their life as it is a big part of myself. I wanted their teachers to awake passion in them – not aversion.

I first learnt about Colourstrings when we lived in London. Parents of my sons’ friends told me about amazing music classes run in a very friendly atmosphere. I then started reading about their method and my son was enrolled at Music Kindergarten at North London Colourstrings. Watching lessons and progress of my son, I decided that this method is close to ideal. It respects a child as an individual and opens to a child a world of music in a very friendly way.

Coming back to Poland I immediately wanted to enroll my boys in music classes, but I realized, that Colourstrings was unknown in Poland. Thus I decided to open my own music school. I gathered around most amazing teachers, who spread their love of music among children. Over the years the number of students grew and one location turned into over a dozen.

I do hope that we can jointly invite your children to the magical world of music.
– Olga Trzebińska, Barwy Muzyki Director